Empowering believers worldwide to reach their own people for Jesus Christ



For North America to be joyfully obedient to the leadership of Jesus Christ



We believe that by the leadership and empowerment of the Holy Spirit we will advance the Kingdom of God in North America by:
  • The intentional discipleship of believers
  • Equipping believers for a lifestyle of consistent evangelistic outreach
  • Accelerating the multiplication of healthy, biblical house churches
  • Providing accountability through ongoing training, mentoring, and connection with house church leadership
  • Partnering with local, Kingdom-minded churches and helping them develop missional strategies to reach their communities



For the past 10 years, Big Life Ministries has focused on fulfilling its mission, Empowering believers worldwide to reach their own people for Jesus Christ, specifically in the geographical regions of Central & South Asia. During this timespan we have seen the Lord accomplish far beyond what we ever thought or imaged - over 130,000 former Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists coming to Christ, being trained to be disciple-makers and participating weekly in the 10,000+ house churches that have been established. Truly, this has been an amazing movement of the Holy Spirit.


The strategy that Big Life has used in our discipleship and church planting efforts overseas is based on the same principles that the Lord used to rapidly grow the early New Testament church. Having witnessed this explosive growth in very difficult countries, such as Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, etc, coupled with our deep burden by the declining health of the church in North America, we now have a vision of North America being joyfully obedient to the leadership of Jesus Christ.


To achieve this vision we are partnering with Kingdom-minded churches, organizations and house churches across North America as well as equipping God-called believers with no church affiliation to engage their communities through a house church planting strategy.



Here's where you will discover the "back-to-the-basics" approach to house church planting, and have the opportunity to explore the biblical "DNA" of the process


  • A Biblical New Testament Church
  • A gathered community summoned by Jesus Christ to share God’s life and express it on earth (the “ekklesia”)
  • Committed to glorifying God, honoring Jesus Christ, obeying the Word, developing disciples, and impacting the community
  • Independent in function yet connected to other Christians locally, regionally and universally


  • You...Me...and the Holy Spirit
  • A local group of followers of Christ
  • Believing friends, neighbors, co-workers
  • Persons not presently active in a church or who have never been part of a church


  • Your house...and Mine!
  • A residential home or other space that can accommodate 10-20 worshipers


  • House churches are Biblical
  • House churches remove hindrances
  • House churches empower believers
  • House churches foster authentic community life
  • House churches free up finances
  • House churches can be easily reproduced


House churches should meet at least once a week to maintain community. From the New Testament, we can piece together a clear picture of the believers meeting together as churches on the first day of the week. While this is probably the most desirable time, some churches may elect to meet at another time during the week that is more convenient to the members. Some churches may elect to meet more frequently than once a week, some less frequently.


By intentionally focusing on the foundational principles of Prayer, Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism, Missional living, and Multiplication!

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  • We love our BIG LIFE brethren and are thankful that God has seen fit to put us together!

    JAMES ROBBINS // Junction 242 Church, Milton,FL

  • Because our country has been in such a long period of spiritual decline...I was thrilled to hear about Big Life at Home

    BRIT HUME // Virginia

  • I believe that the home church is the model for the end-times church

    LARRY BENNETT // Ellijay, GA

  • We want to see this country, our country, the United States of America come running back to Jesus Christ

    JOHN HEEREMA // Naples, FL

  • Big Life at Home rocks. We had the best time last night. Excellent Bible study. Super food and the fellowship was precious

    CORT MANKIN // Ellijay, GA

  • We are excited about empowering you, your friends, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers to reach others for Jesus Christ and make disciples

    FORREST HEAD // Blue Ridge, GA

  • BIG LIFE Ministries is making disciples to spread the Word of God in the darkest places of our world

    KIM HUME // Virginia

  • We are more than (just) a home group...we are doing life on life!

    JODY CARROLL // Naples, FL

  • I have never felt so fulfilled, real and accountable in all my life.

    JAMES ROBBINS // Junction 242 Church, Milton,FL

  • 73% of Americans are unchurched...many of them are just one ask away from receiving Jesus Christ

    NICK TWOMEY // Traverse City, MI

  • My call to plant house churches has given my passion for evangelism exactly what it needed... FOCUS

    JOHNNY SIETS // Tallahassee, FL

  • Disciples bring hope, and hope brings love, and with the love of God anything is possible

    KIM HUME // Virginia



Here is where you will find some great information that is designed to equip, empower, and encourage the house church planter!



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